He’s Out!

291px-Charlie_ManuelStarting a new job is almost always better than leaving one – especially when it isn’t your choice to leave.  It’s easy to say good-bye to a jerk but a lot harder when the departed is beloved like Phillies now ex-manager Charlie Manuel.

“I never quit nothing and I didn’t resign,” says Charlie after recently being dismissed as Phillies’ field boss. Gone after bringing a championship-starved city its first World Series in 28 years back in 2008, Charlie paid the price for his team’s lack of success in the 2013 season.   It’s the classic case of the “what have you done for me lately?” and “someone needs to take the blame for this (not me!)” script playing out once again. 

Despite key injuries and the increasingly inept ways of his boss, Charlie moves on out the door, leaving behind the latest in a series of Phillies teams that truly adored him as their skipper.  Charlie was seen as a consistently positive presence who brought out the best in his players.

True enough, we are all paid to win at some level.  So with losing almost always comes consequence.  Yet it is when organizational separation occurs that we see true colors. Sports talk radio switchboards quickly lit up in eager discussion as to whether the Phillies organization handled Charlie’s dismissal appropriately. One thing that experience tells us for sure is that some organizations are incredibly bad at letting people go while others do a much better job with it.  Seldom does any organization get it completely right, but some are better than others. I think the Phillies probably fall somewhere in the middle on this one.

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