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Is Kraft Kwazy?

RIP – Two Major Dudes

Meet a Moralist

Rock On, Brother Gregg!

Is Kraft Kwazy?

Kraft is renaming its snack division “Mondelez” (mohn-dah-LEEZ) later this year.  Think Oreo cookies and Trident gum.  Ad agencies will have a challenge in front of them but should reap nice rewards from this gig.

RIP – Two Major Dudes

“America’s Oldest Teenager” Dick Clark (obit) and The Band’s Levon Helm (obit) recently left their worldly stages.  Clark helped to shape a generation of dance music and television.  Helm was the drummer and sometimes vocalist (“Virgil Caine is the name“) for The Band.

Meet a Moralist

Ever wonder what you would say to a moralist if you ever met one?   Find out how “Harvard’s rock-star moralist” Michael Sandel thinks about how we think. From crack addicts to Wall Street to skyboxes to Ronald Reagan’s jelly beans, this guy really covers some ground.

Read this one as David vs. Goliath.  Small publisher tries to kick a Goliath Amazon right where it counts by removing its product from the e-giant’s online store.  CEO  of same small company then calls Amazon a “predator”.  David should adapt.  Goliath is not likely to change.

Rock On, Brother Gregg!

Gregg Allman on his health,  “My heart goes into A-Fib and does those beats-you know instead of going du-dun, du-dun, da-dun, it goes ta-da-dat-ta-da-doot-doot.  There’s a little reggae in there somewhere.”  Although he’s “no angel“, gotta love this guy.  Rock on Brother Gregg!


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