American Idol Judge Knows Best

“Adapt to differences among colleagues.  Recognize the diversity of skills and talents that exists in an organization.   Modify approach and style to achieve the best results.”   That’s how I said it.

In a Guitar Center promotional piece, American Idol judge Randy Jackson said it this way:

Wow, that’s pretty good stuff for an American Idol judge.  While not an Idol devotee, I must confess to knowing a thing or two about Randy Jackson.  There’s a lot more to Randy than his American Idol TV celebrity. What many people do not know is that Randy has been a major dude in the music industry for three decades and running.  From humble beginnings, he learned his craft well and has achieved success as a touring musician, session artist, and producer.  Randy has played and/or worked with such diverse artists as Madonna, Whitney Houston, Journey, Aretha Franklin, Billy Idol, Tracy Chapman, Kenny G, Bruce Springsteen, Roger Waters, Charlie Daniels, Mariah Carey, Jon Bon Jovi, ‘N-Sync, Billy Joel, Blue Oyster Cult, and Whitesnake.

Randy and I may say it differently, but we are saying exactly the same thing.  Group mission trumps individual technical skill.  Think of the engineer who works tirelessly to design the perfect circuit board.  Consider the marketing executive who excels in promotion. What about the CFO who cuts costs like nobody’s business?  Or the programmer who writes that mesmerizing code?   In the end, it’s about achieving the result which we have been asked to achieve by those who are paying the bill.  Absent clear contribution to mission, even the most impressive displays of individual talent will miss the mark.  Being willing and able to tailor one’s own style and technical skill application to group mission is a winning strategy.


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